Step 114: New Hope

Without options the path is always clear.  When life accelerates – it simply means we’re ready for the “next step.”   Nature – in all Her wisdom – never completely stops.  The cycles unfold naturally – from Winter – to Spring – to Summer – to Autumn.  Take a moment to breathe deep and ask yourself – “is it better the gently pull that band-aid off the wound – or – just to rip it off?”  It’s a personal choice!  The good news is that once the band-aid is removed the wound can get some “air” and with some time – slowly becomes a “scar.” Humans are ready to learn at a pace that is now required for future-forward-growth!  All is well!  ❤


TIME OF THE SIXTH SUN” – For those interested in seeing a different point of view – watch the movie trailer and if this resonates with you click here for more information!  Enjoy!

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