Step 113: Plot Twist

“Talent is Unconscious Competence; a superpower you were born with. People born with a superpower usually have difficulty teaching it to you.”  ~Roy Williams


Let’s get up to speed.  We become aware of something. Do not be upset.  Do not be surprised.  Do not be impressed.  Expect serendipity.  Hidden wisdom is rising into conscious awareness.  Unless you were born before April 23, 1935 – no one on the planet has experienced this particular “plot twist.”  There’s a first time for everything and everything is in it’s rightful place.  All that’s going to happen is we each get the chance to see how true “I AM” to my Values.  Adjust as needed.  Go outside and hug a tree – smell a flower – look up at the stars above.  It’s Earth Day – Happy Birthday Mama!  All is well. ❤

Credit: Joan Unger

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