Step 58: Help Yourself!

Credit: Soul Sisters

Life is a process of elimination – a Circle of Cycles.  February 10, 2012 – a Self-Relationship cycle was initiated. We relate to “Self” through Others. Stop holding “Self” hostage.  We have to “grow” into our Truth –  which evolves us.  For the past 7 years we have gone to great lengths to FIND the Truth.  Outer traditions and inner limits have now stripped us bare to see clearly – Peace is a CHOICE.

The last week of March 2018 a choice was made – one last time.  Do or dieMid-June 2018 the “choice” created fireworks.  By the first week of December 2018 it was obvious efforts had failed.  The fork-in-the-road was fast approaching.  Stop competing – start collaborating with “my Best-Self.
We’re here. 
Fate is what happens to “me” and Destiny is something “I choose.”   It will take until May 18, 2019 – to choose the new path – when we begin another new cycle.  For today – stay classy – be practical and ask Self, “why do I keep giving energy to something/someone who doesn’t VALUE that energy?”  It’s the perfect day to spend time with “my better Self.”  All is well!  ❤

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