Step 48: Sunday Blessings – Fire & Heaven

Credit: Laura Gray

“You are given a light to shine on what has decayed.  It is your responsibility to restore what has been spoiled.”  ~I-Ching #14

Here comes the ShiftIt’s an Inside-Job.  The “Shift” being completed actually started last Summer and will carry us through to 2030.  It’s taken almost one year to build this Bridge.  We’re Here.  Fire is strength and Heaven is clarity.  Some don’t know or understand where “HERE” is.  It’s real.  It’s tangible. It’s physical.  Yes – even our 5 senses can perceive it.  The Force.   Some are discovering new gifts/talents – but alas – they’re not new.  We’ve had them all along – but kept them hidden away out of fear of being different.  Repeat after me – “I AM the meaning in my life.”  For today – start practicing being a Meaning-MakerThe world desperately NEEDS your Medicine!  It’s what makes you YOU – your quirks, idiosyncrasies, wildness, weirdness, sore and sensitive sidesYou can now have clarity of purpose if you remain calm and refrain from pride and greed. We’re on our way!  All is well! ❤

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