Step 47: Point of View

“The most fatal illusion is the settled point of view. Since life is growth and motion, a fixed point of view kills anybody who has one.”  ~Brooks Atkinson


You go to a lecture.  There are 5 other people in the lecture.  One person picks up his mobile phone and begins pressing its keys.  Everyone sees him and interprets his actions differently.

Person #1 thinks “idiot jerk he could have waited until after the lecture to text, how rude and disrespectful.”

Person #2 thinks, “I hope everything is okay it must be an emergency to text during a lecture.”

Person #3 thinks, “jeez, what’s wrong with that guy, I can’t even get him to notice me. Oh God, I’ve lost my touch because that phone is more interesting than me.”

Person #4 thinks, “wow, what a crappy-assed phone.  It’s a wonder that thing even works. What a loser.”

The lecturer thinks, “I can’t keep people’s attention. I’m boring, boring, boring and this guy doesn’t even like me.”

As an impartial observer like yourself, what do you think?  Hopefully you concluded he was taking notes on the lecture, because that’s what he was doing!

All is well!

Credit: Mama Macs Porch

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