Step 41: Think Outside the Box?

Credit: Unknown

“How should we like it were stars to burn with a passion for us we could not return?  If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving one be me.”  ~W.H. Auden

Silence speaks volumes.  Shhh – Listen.  Choices made today come back up for review  March 24th and April 14th.  Reset boundaries – especially mental boundaries.  There is a limit to just “how much I can take.”  Where is the line?  The line between Truth AND Lies is murky.  If “uncertainty and/or insecurity” show up – please be kind – invite them in and LISTEN to their concerns.  It’s tied into a belief and beliefs are THOUGHTS.  The next time you say, “I BELIEVE ________,” seek to find the origin of that THOUGHT – because all that’s being said is, “I THINK _______!”  The answer is hiding right under the nose.
For today – think outside the box.  Oh wait – I forgot – there is no BOX.  It’s a Mental Construct created by “myMind to make my Ego feel safe.  In the end – the Heart has the last “word.”  What does “my Soul” really want?  All is well!  ❤
PS: You’re easier to LOVE than you realize!

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