Step 32: Meet in the Middle

Credit: Unknown
WITHOUT Integrity, Nothing Else Matters.  WITH Integrity, Nothing Else Matters.”  ~Robert Mueller
Expect Practical Magic.  Today we’re halfway between the Winter Solstice and Vernal Equinox.  Seeds sprout.  The “seed” was planted April 26th – 27th – 2018.  Choices made today will have consequences June 20, 2019.  We will keep getting “do-overs” until we “get it.”  Take action to transform – actions taken today set the tone for the next 13 days.  Something unknown becomes known today – like lightening in the Heart.  Integrity.  Truth.  Authenticity.  The question today is – “what scares me the most?”  Move in that direction.  Conscious Self meets Unconscious SelfFuture Self lets Old Self goDo my actions match my words and intentions?  Move toward “Highest and Best-Best” today.  We’ve reached the “turning point” today.  Just ahead – “changing of the guard.’  All is well! ❤

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