Step 22: Little things…..

“This is a solo journey.  Do not look outside yourself or depend on others to do the work for you.  You can do this.”  ~I-Ching #62

The hardest addiction for a human to break is the addiction to suffering.  While the “MIND” begins “drying out” from its “suffering,” take baby steps and know that everything is right on time.  It can’t be any other way, can it?  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be “right here – right now.”  See?  The Ego uses “doubt AND fear” to try to take back control of “fearless steps.”  Doubt AND fear are the most reliable indicators that major growth is occurring – yep, you’re onto to something greater than Ego.  Be gentle with self and others, be kind to self and others.  Grace arrives, just in the nick of time.  Pay attention to details.  Grit prevails!  All is well! ❤

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