Step 21: Wealthcare

Credit: Post Secret

“The ego will often blast you with reasons why you shouldn’t trust, why you should retreat to your old, fallback position of feeling shame, guilt and fear, the feeling of being separate, an outsider. Use what you have learned to quiet this yapping voice of negativity.”  ~Bobby K.

There are three kinds of Wealth:

  1. Lucky Wealth – this is wealth that is either inherited or found through marriage.  Little to no effort has to be made to have this wealth.
  2. Accidental Wealth – this is wealth that is acquired from following one’s passion and acquiring wealth accidentally.
  3. Intentional Wealth – this is wealth that is acquired through step-by-step actions to create future wealth.

What kind of Wealth are you focusing on today?  Every day brings a clean slate and a fresh start.  If unsure – ask – “what does my Soul want?”  FIND YOUR VOICE!  All is well! ❤

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