Step 5: My Other Self

Credit: Bows-N-Stuff by Georgia

Let’s get real, shall we?

Head & Heart – The heart is the first organ to form in a human fetus.  Once the heart starts beating – the Cosmic Codes are released and the brain forms second.

Body & Soul – The human body is the vehicle the Soul uses to create and manifest.  What is “my body” consciously co-creating with “my Soul?”   What is “my Soul” TRYING to create?

Masculine & Feminine – Balance.  Blend.  Integrate.  The Feminine Way is “intuition and passion.”  The Masculine Way is “action and intellect.”

Find the Center Point, the Well Insidebetween myself and my other self – have a seat and ask yourself, “where do my THOUGHTS come from?” From the head or heart, body or Soul, masculine or feminine?  Wake Up!  It’s not your story that holds you back – it’s NOT telling it that does.  Give in.  Let go.  Allow yourself to be moved.

All is well!



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